Last year we paired socks up in romance novel-style covers,  but this year our true love matches are between styles that make for great cold weather layering! It’s been chilly up here in the Northern hemisphere (resulting in snow in Portland, even!), and we’ve all been getting creative with pairing up socks.

I’ve mentioned layering here before, both pretty openwork styles to go over solid tights and lightweight layering options for spring, now let’s look at warm options that help keep you cozy by trapping warm air and just plain doubling up!


I’m a big arm warmer fan, so the first thing I do when it gets chilly is pair knit gloves with my old standby, the Harajuku Arm Warmers. And when the freeze gets really bitey, you don’t want to take your gloves off to use your mobile, so the Smart Gloves are super handy (ha, hand-y).



Also available in a lambswool version for folks who aren’t sensitive to wool (you lucky people!), both styles of Smart Gloves have a special fiber in the index finger tip and thumb, so you can still swipe your screen without freezing up! Stretchier styles like the Harajuku Arm Warmers and larger styles like the Leaf Pattern Fleece Arm Warmers go easily over knit gloves. Plus, their open-hand design allows you to pull them back a bit and take your gloves off when it gets too warm for gloves but not warm enough to expose your wrists to the elements.



But what about your toes?! Like I mentioned in the January Dreamer recommendations post, Zaf personally loves using the Silk Knee Highs as a liner sock under a warmer style. Not only does this trap air that helps keep you warm (like how a Thermos works, but with socks!), but if you’re sensitive to wool, a liner sock keeps those prickly fibers at a comfortable distance. The O Woolies are a great basic wool style that cuffs to make a fabulous knee high, so don’t worry about wool behind your knees!



Having a natural fiber against your skin is also a boon when wearing a purely man-made fiber like the Acrylic Slouches. I love my Acrylic Slouches, but if my feet start to sweat there is nowhere for the moisture to go. Silk and wool are both fabulous as liner fibers, because they help keep the moisture off your skin—and, as anyone who has worked themselves into a sweat in freezing weather knows, you start warm and then get cold fast! Coolmax® fiber is another wonderful wicking option, and though most of our Coolmax® styles, like the Sport Over the Calf Toe Sock, have toes, that’s just more snuggly layers keeping you warm!



Okay, sure, double up your socks, double up your gloves. But what if it is REALLY cold and you need to bring out the big guns? I will share my cold weather secret: double up your pants! But not like, with actual pants. Leggings can fit snugly under slacks and looser jeans, and if you go for fleece-lined styles like Foot Traffic’s Fleece Lined Leggings or the Thermo Fleece Lined Footless Tights, then you’ll really be barricading your legs against the chilly invaders of weather!



Layers! Pair those styles up, OTKs over tights, leg warmers over everything! Keep those toes cozy and share with us what your favourite layering combos are when the cold gets nasty and means business.