Unlike many residents of northern climate zones, we in Portland very rarely see snow, so when it actually sticks as it did last week, the city really shuts down. This is partially due to a lack of snow plows or experience driving in snow, but also because it's such a rare occurrence that we all just want to take the day off & enjoy it!


Here at Sock Dreams we feel a deep responsibility for keeping everyone's toes warm so we don't give in and stay home easily -- as long as our website is up, customers can keep placing orders so we do our darnedest to keep filling them and sending them off. For this reason we stayed open through three days of [Portland paralyzing] snow, closing only on Sunday after we were hit by freezing rain, making for some extra-dangerous driving (and walking!) conditions.


Luckily for us Sock Dreamers, going into work doesn't mean we can't enjoy the snow day! We just put on our brightest socks with the most attitude and went out for photos. Fishnets were even worn!


Don't worry, though --we still got some work done, despite all the fun! On Monday we managed to get two days worth of packages out the door on schedule!