We had so much fun doing socks themed by birth month that we wanted to carry on the birthday fun this year too! But instead of going by birthstone, flower and constellation, we’re turning to our freshly older Dreamers to share their favourites!

First up is Jen, who you’ve probably seen at events shilling socks, dishing advice and tempting your wallet with our wares! Her top favourites are the Harajuku Scrunchy Socks and the Nouvella Cotton Capri and Cotton Legging!


She has this to say about the Harajuku Scrunchy Socks, "These have a been a favorite of mine since I started working at Sock Dreams. They come in so many fantastic colors , they’re super warm through the body, but a little more breathable through the foot, and they look great with boots."

Jen’s not only a huge fan of the Cotton Capri, she’s even the model for the both Brown Large and Charcoal Heather Large! These soft, t-shirt like leggings are a constant layering companion for her and when I think of Jen I always picture her wearing these leggings or the Color Tights!



Next is Zaffie, who runs our Tumblr and puts together the gorgeous ads you see in your favourite magazines, like Bust! Although she loves the Silk Knee Highs and got to be the model for both the Black in Medium/Large and the Rosa in Small/Medium, they’re not her daily go-to sock, though they are her favourite liner sock AND fancy dress sock all in one.


Instead, Zaffie picked our Diamond Ribs as her favourite sock! Why such a rugged and modest style when her toes have touched 100% silk?  She says, “Diamond Ribs are my old faithful, and I preach their gospel as often as I can because they are beautiful, stretchy, and hard-wearing.”
Amen to that!



Last, but not least, is Tuesday from our shipping department. Pretty much a superhero (with the X-Men belt to prove it!), her favourite socks right now are straight up the O Dreamy in Nebula, worn here with basic Colour Tights that are not so much a favourite as an eternal standby!


A newer member of our dreamy Dreamer Team, already Tuesday has got to rock socks from cottony staples like O Basics in Pink to indulgent sheers like the Laced Lace Top Sheer Knee Highs.




You might have noticed this month’s Dreamers are all rocking boots and layers! They may be January babies, but that doesn’t mean they’re immune to cold! Northern Hemisphere folks, cuddle on up to our Warm! section to keep those toes cozy as we shiver into February!