Every so often we have a chance to do something truly meaningful as a company (or individuals). These opportunities aren't always the happiest of occasions though -- in fact it is usually during the truly dark times that we are called upon to step up and lend a helping hand, and this winter was no exception. One of our coworkers has spent this last season undergoing chemotherapy for lymphoma, and as many cancer survivors can tell you, the financial burden of treatment on top of being unable to work can be the most stressful thing about the already unpleasant experience. Even with temporary unemployment and the great healthcare that we Dreamers receive, we knew it wouldn't be enough. That's when we decided to ask our community for help on our coworker's behalf. 

We decided to use our collective personal time and money to put together a raffle basket. It immediately became clear that everyone here really really cares, as the donations consisted of some seriously great stuff: hand crafted items, gift certificates (including a 45 minute massage!) and some generally luxe products started pouring in! 

gift basket

The most beautiful moment of all came when we posted this photo of the basket to our shop's facebook page, and within 24 hours it had over 30 shares and some incredibly heartfelt notes! Since we kept ticket sales to our shop in Sellwood, it was largely our own neighbors who came in to buy tickets, raising enough money to make a serious dent in our colleague's medical expenses! 


At the end of business hours on December 30th Dreamer Gelsey drew our winning raffle ticket! We left a voicemail for the winner, and in the following days a few different people came in to claim the basket, to our vast confusion. As it turned out, several workers at a neighboring company had all bought tickets under the same name, just because they thought it was a good cause (and hopefully they're enjoying the basket, too)!


Many many thanks to everyone who helped us out on this project! Nothing has warmed our hearts this winter quite like this -- even a really good pair of socks can't compare with the kindness of our community.