The word is, less people made resolutions this year than on average. It can be hard to stick with a goal you made in the rosy light of a fresh calendar, even if you know it’s for the best. Whether it is giving up a vice, exercising more or keeping healthy in general, we’ve got some socks you can both reward yourself with and use to reach your goal!

I’ve talked about our Vices category before (actually at the start of an earlier year!). These socks are a great way to indulge yourself without actually indulging in your particular vice. Maybe you need some sweet treats for your feets:


Chocolate Knee High
Cupcakes Knee High
Cookies Knee Highs


Or to take your toes out for a steak and a drink.


Bottles & Pint Midcalves
Meat Midcalf
I ♥ Beer Knee Highs


Of course, you can always say #@%! it and indulge your toes and your tummy at the same time. It’s all about moderation, right? Eat well and exercise. And our Sports Socks will be by your side (or, um, at your feet). From ways to warm up those muscles, or tricks to steady your toes—


Ribbed Leg Warmer
Bella Half-Toe No Shows with Grip


To styles designed with support in mind and leggings we love to layer with shorts, we have lots more than old-school terry lined athletic socks (though we have those too!).


Light Hiking Midcalf
Cotton Capri


One thing we have noticed lately is that a lot of folks are starting their year right by treating themselves to compression socks. If you sit a lot or stand a lot (generally, if you are stuck in one position a lot), compression socks keep the blood flowin’ around your feet and ease a lot of strain. I know this holiday season when us Dreamers were wearing down the floors in the stock room to pull all your fabulous orders, we were glad to have compression socks to keep our feet from getting swollen and worn out! If you are treating yourself to compression socks, remember to put them on right!


Night Running Compression Socks – Smaller Feet
Elevation Compression Knee High
Compression Ex Celerator 2.0 Knee High Toe Sock


More than anything, we hope you’re starting this year by treating yourself right and remembering that you are awesome and fabulous and (by the way) totally gorgeous. Yes, you. Let’s make this a great year, even if we don’t meet every goal we set when it started!