A new year has begun and we’re busy restocking as fast as our suppliers can get socks to us! With our recent sale and all the great gifts you folks have gotten yourself and others, some of our stock is pretty depleted. We know a lot of you want to use your gift cards and get socked (ahem, I mean “stocked”) up for the new year, but some of the styles you want might not be available right now. What to do (and not do)?!

We get a lot of product questions that aren’t questions about the products at all. Instead of using the Questions and Answers tab on a product page to clarify fit, colour or what-have-you—some people use the space to ask instead: “When will it be back in stock?!”



Probably, if you’ve asked that, you’ll find that we’ve emailed you directly about it and removed your question from the product page. Not because we don’t love you, but because the availability of a style varies by supplier, season and a bunch of other things! So what we have to answer this time might not be applicable six months from now when somebody else is looking at the Questions and Answers.

You may have also poked into our FAQ, looking for the answer to “When are you restocking?” Just like we say there:

It depends on the style! We deal with many suppliers and receive deliveries nearly every day. But we cannot always get what we want when we want it, and sometimes suppliers discontinue things forever. Please sign up to be notified when an item returns and you’ll get an email the same day we add our fresh stock!

So what is the best thing to do when you see the dreaded OUT OF STOCK?



Take courage! The answer to your problems is right there in the same cruel space telling you the socks you want aren’t available. Just take advantage of our automatic notifications and sign up to be notified when new stock arrives. If the out of stock box pops up, just click on “sign up to be notified when new stock arrives” and enter your email in the space provided. You will get an email the same day we get that style back in stock with a helpful link to go get it!



You have two extra options when signing up for stock notifications. You can also check a box to be notified when that brand adds a new style (which is great if you have a favourite brand) and you can check a box to sign up for our newsletter (which is sent out about monthly). If you don’t check those boxes, you won’t be signed up for either of those extra things, you’ll just get an email when that style is back in stock. We know how annoying it is to get unsolicited emails, so we try to make it as easy as we can to opt out and to avoid them.



But what if, instead of a place to sign up for notifications you see this?



Then the fates have decreed that this style, colour or variety is no longer available to us and we shall never see it again. It’s sad, but with over a thousand styles, some things are bound to disappear after a while, if only to make room for new favourites. Though sometimes it is a surprise to us too, you can keep an eye out on styles that are going away by watching our Zap section (more information about that here) or by looking in a style’s Additional Info for the sad phrase “Quantities limited, we will not not be able to restock.


Another bonus of signing up for notifications about an out of stock style is that if we only get a limited amount (or find a few hiding in our stock room) you get a special email that gets you (and others who have signed up) special access to order it before they’re made available to the general public.



There’s one last benefit to stock notifications, though it is also kind of a bummer. If a style doesn’t return from the great beyond and we have to remove it, you’ll get an email that lets you know. We talked about that a little in the Sock Journal when our site was first able to do that.


“Okay, okay” you say. “So I can sign up for stock notifications. But what if I need a specific style now or by a specific time?!” Why, that is still easy as pie. What you’ll need to do is drop us a line via email with what you’re waiting for (and “black socks” doesn’t count, tell us the style name, colour and size!) and when you’re hoping it will be back by. We often can’t give you an exact date that a style will be back, but we often can pin it down close enough to tell you if it is worth waiting for, or if you might need to find something else. A bonus to writing us directly is that then, if we have bad news for you, we can work together to find another style that might be a good replacement and answer any other questions you may have!


We don’t have all the answers, but we definitely try to get them, so if you’re not in a rush, just sign up for stock notifications and if you need something soon, email us to get the low-down. We’re often as anxious as you to see our favourites back in stock!