Yes, I’ve mentioned sparkly styles for the new year before, but what better time to bring in the bling than on this side of winter Solstice, waiting for the days to get longer and knowing that there’s still a lot of winter to come. Also: sparkles!!

You can use our Browse by Pattern & Texture feature to go straight for the sparkles, or maybe you’re feeling metallic? There’s definitely some overlap between the two.

For more subtle sparkle, these three styles knit only a bit of shimmer in leaving most of the yarn unadorned.

01_mildFrosted Crochet Slouch Sock
Party Night Arm Warmers
Romantic Lace Ribbed Sweater Socks


But if you’re feeling a bit more bold, the overall shimmer-sparkle of these two styles should be perfect

02_mediumMetallic Flecked Tights
Shimmery Crews


And if you just can’t shine brightly enough then put on your shades for these three:

03_sparkleMetallic Ribbed Thigh High
Metallic Leggings
• Lurex Stripe Knee High •


But what if you’d like to indulge a bit less ostentatiously? Well, the Indulgences category has all of our pricer (and worth it!) options that you totally deserve after surviving the year. From knee highs in cashmere or silk,

04_indulge-khGinger Ribbed Knee High
Silk Knee High


To luxurious velvet,

05_velvetPolonova Velvet Gloves with Vines
Lusso Velvet Print Leggings


And truly indulgent sheers.


Floral Damask Crew
Mermaid Armor Over the Knee
Floating Flowers Midcalf


You deserve something special, even if it’s just drinking in some sock-tastic beauty and adding it to your wishlist! Our year with you has been fabulous and it’s our awesome customers that keep us going, so thank you and here’s to 2014!