Really, you could argue that anything human hands finish or help machines produce is “handmade.” However, when things are knit or sewn by hand, or an artisan's hands take a machine-made blank and turns it into a little work of art, we consider that hand made or altered and we have a category just for that!

Our Hand Made and Altered section is filled with delights that make for lovely gifts (for others or yourself) that have a personal touch. From hand screen-printed or dyed to hand-assembled or knit, these styles are produced in small batches, often just for us!


Silk-screening is hard work! We know from printing our logo t-shirts! But, a t-shirt is pretty simple to print on. The skill and quality of both Nylon Journal and Polonova in printing their pretties continues to impress us.

Nylon Journal's USA made tights are hand-printed in New York city!

Skeleton Wrap Printed Tights
Eye Exam Chart Printed Tights
Cyborg Printed Tights


Polonova's gloves and trouser socks are hand-printed much closer to home for us, right here in Portland, actually! And, just like Nylon Journal, both the knee-high trouser sock blanks and the glove blanks (fingerless or otherwise) are made in the USA, too.

Polonova Velvet Wrist Warmers
Russian Imperial Trouser Socks


A trippier option is Love Lite Precision Tie Dye, hand-dyed confections of glorious and brilliant tie dye on (mostly) our house brand styles.

Psuper Psili Tie Dyes
Tie Dye Ripple OTK
Tie Dyed O Chevrons


Una, based just North of us in Seattle, are hand-sewn and silk-screened. We also get to pick the colour combos, based on seasonal availability, so a little bit of us is in there too, but just a little, most of it is the wonderful folks of Una!

Jellies Arm Cozies
Gloveometry Arm Cozies


Texture Clothing's arm warmers are not only hand-made, they're produced with scraps from Texture's clothes-making process, where "nothing is wasted and everything is wanted".

Knit Mitts
Wooly Knit Mitts


Last, but most certainly not least, are Snappy Garters! Hand-made and lovingly crafted, they're the brand in the Hand Made and Altered category we've had the longest!

Snappy Star Sock Garters
Snappy Big Button Garters


Of course, because these styles are all hand made or altered in small batches, they run out quickly, so grab what you love while you can! If you miss out, just sign up for email notification and you'll know the same day we do that a fresh batch is in stock and ready to buy!