Ah December! We’ve reached the end of the year and our last month of birth month symbol-inspired socks! Holly and poinsettia are inevitable flowers for this month, but turquoise is a surprise as the birthstone! And Sagittarius’ arrows point straight to the end of the year!

The distinctive pretty prickliness of holly only really shows up in seasonal socks. This year we have the lovely Cardinals Crew, with bright little birds perched on holly leaves.



Did you know that the poinsettia “flower” is actually a cluster of specialised leaves? And besides the traditional red, they can be orange, pale green, cream, pink, white or marbled! They need to be kept in the dark for a while for the colour change to happen, then need lots of light to get as bright as can be! The Starry Poinsettia Over the Knees are an obvious sock choice,


 But the Juneau Fairisle Crews have that same distinctive “flower” worked into their design. Subtle!



Now, turquoise is an easy one! We even have a built-in “Browse by Color” search for it! Well, turquoise and teal. Because actual turquoise stones vary from super pale to vivid and blue to blue-greens, as a colour name it runs the gamut!


Clockwise from top: Space Dyed Terry Baby Booties, O Basics, Keri Dimensional Stripe Crew, Harajuku Arm Warmers, Solid Bows & Cuffs Over the Knees, Seashell Anklet.


Now, what best represents the arrows of Sagittarius (since we only have horses, no centaur archers)? Why, chevrons! The stacked “V” design of a chevron is like a flying arrow, or the feathers (fletching) that balance it!

Of course, our DreaM Stockings have a lovely line of chevron styles:

05_sagA Chevron
Chevron Sleeve
O Chevrons
B Chevrons


And there are plenty of others to aim at!


Sheer Pattern Crew
Cable Textured Acrylic OTK
Stockholm Trouser Socks


See, December birthdays, even with all the holiday rush going on, we couldn’t forget you!