One of the beautiful things about getting somebody a present via the internet is that you can ship it straight to them! Physical mail is fun to get, particularly when it is a present. But there are problems. How do you make sure they wait until the special occasion or holiday to open their gift? How do you leave them a note or hide the price? Well, just read along, we’ve got some tips for you!

It all starts once you checkout. When you get to the page where you enter your information, pay attention to three places:



 Make sure your Email address and Daytime phone are your contact info, not the person you’re sending a gift to. These contacts are how you get order and shipping confirmation and how we get a hold of you if there is something wrong with your order. If you put the gift recipient’s info there, then they find out what you’ve got them pretty much as soon as you buy it.



 The Delivery Address needs to be the gift recipient (unless you’re shipping it to yourself, because you’re adding it to other, non-sock things, or whatever). If you put your address there, or forget to change it if you have the site set to remember your address, then it’ll go to you, not the person you’re trying to surprise.



To ensure no peeking, use the Company name field. It’s a sneaky trick that we love. The way shipping labels work, whatever you put in the Company name field goes on the line above the delivery address (this is also great place in general to let the postal worker know to leave the package behind the screen door, or with the super). So, if you want your giftee to slow their roll until an official holiday, write that here. Keep it short and all caps for best effectiveness.

Now, on to the Shipping Options page, which you’ll need to pay the most attention to!


If you want to leave a note for the person you’re sending socks to, or you don’t want them to see what you spent, check the “Gift invoice: do not include prices on invoice” checkbox. This does some magic and hides the prices from the gift recipient and! It opens up a nice space for you to leave a note, if you want to.


But what about that first box? If you type stuff there, where does it show up? Well, that’s where you put order notes, the stuff you want us at Sock Dreams to see! If you’re saying hello, requesting stickers, or crafting some emoji masterwork, this is where it goes (if you’re asking about sizing info, it should be emailed to us, not put in your order notes).

Here’s a side-by-side example of where each field goes once it becomes a printed invoice:


 So what you type in the “order notes” box goes at the bottom of the invoice and what goes in the gift notes box (which only appears if you check the gift invoice checkbox) shows up at the top of the invoice, so it’s the first thing you see (if you don't type anything there, no little Gift Note box will show up).


This means that if you’re sending a gift directly to someone, you should probably be aware that your order notes will show up on the invoice! So if you’re sending a gift, the recipient won’t just see the nice note you’ve left,



They’ll also see anything you put in as an order note too!



So make sure, when you get to the page that has you check over your order before finalising it, that everything is right!



Our free USPS First Class shipping in the United States (and free USPS Priority for orders over $50! check our Shipping FAQ) makes sending sock-tacular gifts easy, just remember to click that Gift Invoice checkbox to add a little personalisation to your present!