We've passed the height of harvest season, which means good eats and warm treats, particularly on the most food-tastic holiday, Thanksgiving. I figured, in honour of the season, I'd serve you up a couple courses of food-themed socks.

I grew up with big family get-togethers for Thanksgiving. Everyone would bring stuff that had to be finished up or heated up, and while we waited we'd nosh on crackers and cheese. The Cheese Crews offer quite the array of nibbles.



Once it's time to dig in, you make sure you get some veggies to balance things out. Sadly (or maybe not so sadly) we don't have any socks that properly represent green bean casserole with fried onion straws on top. But we do have Ashi Dashi's delicious Corn Crews. They're corn on the cob, not the creamed corn you often see at holiday potlucks, but they're just as deliciously delightful!



Of course, the big part of a Thanksgiving meal is the turkey. Although a lot of Sweet Marcel's styles are made at an ethically-certified mill in Turkey, that's about as close as we get to that distinctive bird. Our ham is a little rare (as in, still oinking), so we'll throw tradition to the wind and tuck into some red meat.


Bacon Crews
Ashi Dashi Meat Midcalf
Meat Knee Highs


Okay, you're probably thinking, “that's a pretty light spread for one of the biggest holiday meals of the year.” Well, that is because we wanted to make sure you had room for dessert!

The beauty of potluck holiday meals is that everybody brings a dessert. So. Do you want some cookies?



Or maybe a slice of cobbler? (one of our four delicious Dessert Stripes!)



Or just some chocolate? Or ALL the chocolate?



Ahh, now that's how you end a meal. Add a little after-dessert wine, or coffee and some hangouts with  family and friends.



We hope you have a wonderful start to the winter holiday season!