Nestled in a turn of the century house in the historic Sellwood neighborhood, recessed from busy 13th street just off of SE Nahalem is the Sock Dreams brick and mortar store. Here, you'll find many of the items we sell on our online store, as well as several other shop exclusive styles. People as far away as Eastern Europe have been known to make pilgrimages to the shop, while visiting the Portland area, but the busiest time for our little shop is always the Holidays.


From Black Friday until almost the New Year, our shop is a bustle with folks getting warm, cozy, kitschy, fashionable, soft, funny and cute socks, tights and other accessories for their loved ones. The Sock Dreams shop team is four people strong and they do their best to help our customers find the perfect gift.

Pictured here, is our shop crew wearing some of their favorite socks.


shop gals


First up is Rose, who has been working with us since August 2012 and, like many of us, has noticed a drastic change in her wardrobe-Waking up each morning and planning a whole outfit around my socks is awesome. Best dress code ever. Socks Dreams has filled me with so much confidence in my body/legs that I went from wearing a dress or skirt once a year to weddings to wearing them every day.

Rose is wearing the Sock It To me Dinomite knee high- I'm the weird one; I’ll just start with that. Every day I layer and mash weird colors together to make my personality jump out of my socks.

Rose spends much of her time at the shop picking out shop exclusives and helping customers.

In terms of tips on shopping for the holidays- Shop early! We have a few select holiday styles that are shop exclusive and they will be going fast.

Next is Gelsey, the Assistant Shop Manager, Gelsey has been with Sock Dreams since August 2010.

When asked what her favorite part of working here is- Hands down: the people. I love being friends with all of my coworkers. Best. Coworkers. Ever.

Gelsey wears Sock Dreams own brand of cotton slouch sock- I like wearing my socks scrunched down around mid-calf high boots, and I love the Cotton Slouch Socks because they actually hold their slouch rather than slowly sliding down to the bottom of my foot during the day.

Her tip for holiday shopping- The store and web site sometimes have different items. If you're coming in for something you saw on the web site, make sure to call ahead so we can hold it at the shop for you.

Then there's Laurel, our vivacious Shop Manger. Laurel has worked for Socks Dreams since August of 2008 and also loves all her co-workers.

Laurel is wearing a brand that is new to Sock Dreams, and we are all totally in love with- I really like the Sockwell compression knee highs because I'm on my feet a lot. They stay up great without being too tight at the top. They have a nice, cushy foot that's great for boots and a toe seam that's not very noticeable. They're warm, they're cute, and I've worn and washed them several times and they hardly show any wear. I especially like them when I go to the Timbers game and stand on cold concrete for 90+ minutes. Go Timbers! The Timbers being Portland's pro soccer team.

We're also part of a fantastic local network of shops where you can earn points to gain rewards- Sock Dreams is proud to be a part of the Supportland network. With Supportland, the customer has one card (or a phone app) that they can use at a ton of rad locally-owned businesses to earn rewards. With more businesses joining the network all the time, you can earn points every time you shop, and then turn around and use those points for coupons, gift cards, and other free stuff!

Last, but by no means least, is our newest shop employee Sabrina! Sabrina has been with us since July of this year and is a fantastic addition.

Her favorite part of working at Sock Dreams, so far, is- Helping customers find the perfect pair of socks!

Sabrina wears another house brand favorite, the O Dreamy's in Heliotrope- They're super soft, have a great texture and are subtle, yet visually interesting.

Sabrina's holiday shopping tip- When it comes to returns, I would suggest calling us at the shop with any questions regarding what is acceptable for refund/ exchange. Also, I would suggest asking about a certain pattern/design they may not see in the store. We keep track of all customer product requests and try to meet them when placing orders for future stock.


holiday-shop (4)

These ladies work really hard to make your shopping experience effortless; they're always happy to help you find the perfect thing. If you're in the Portland area, come on by and say hello!