Okay, I’m an adult, I know that meteor showers aren’t falling stars. But it’s such a prettier name! And a great excuse to look at socky, starry goodness. The Leonid metor shower is peaking either Saturday the 16th or Sunday the 17th (it looks like fair game for either right now), so let’s kick back and enjoy some stars that a full moon and cloud cover can’t foil!

Although you can search for Sparkly in Pattern & Texture, there isn’t a search value for stars right now because we often don’t have that many! But of course, you can always just take a gander with general search. Wow, our night sky is actually pretty full!

We’ve got rainbow stars in the Neon Night Sky Over your Knees and Rainbow Star Acrylic Knee Highs.



If those are too crazy (I mean, even though stars do have different colours depending on their temperatures), then the sedate Sheer Star Tights and the sparkly Snappy Star Garters might be more your speed.



Of course there are always the very sciencey Constellation Knee Highs, Midcalves and Outer Space Knee Highs if it's the cosmos, not the shape, that's your thing.



Good luck watching the stars tomorrow night! And if you look hard enough, who knows what you might see. . .