It’s cold outside, and a lot of us Dreamers have given up our razors for the winter (those of us who use them, anyway). Conveniently, this month is also the start of No-Shave-November “Noshember”, a fun challenge of setting down that razor and seeing what happens. Noshember is about folks “[uniting] in the height of laziness agreeing to not shave their beards or legs.”

And it’s not just about making things easier during one of the busiest times of year! The various No-Shave-November groups are also involved with charities, which is a great incentive for getting past those first painfully stubbly days.

If you’re focusing on the face and want to coordinate your socks with your new look (or if you can’t grow good face hair but want to have ‘stache solidarity), then we have some marvellous moustache options for you!


For larger feet, you have the Mustache Argyle Midcalves and the less formal (no argyle, y’know) Mustache Midcalf.



And larger feet can fit into the Mustache Tights too! Our be-stached knee high options (with and without argyle) only fit up to a US women’s shoe size 11 and men’s size 9, though (but they’re pretty perfect for smaller feet, perfectly fitting down to a US women’s size 6!).



Okay top halves covered, but what about options that won’t clash with incoming leg hair? Socks, especially our thick and cozy house brands, pretty much always do a great job covering leg hair, but what about if you want something dressier or nylon?

Our Opaque section offers styles in varying levels of opacity that all do a pretty solid job of hiding leg hair (though, from experience, any lighter colour over darker leg hair will never be perfect!). Bonus: most opaque styles are going to be warmer, which is perfect for all that incoming winter weather!

Probably everyone’s favourite legginga (and remember one of the differences between Leggings and Footless Tights is opacity) are the Thermo Fleece Lined Footless Tight (so cozy!), the Black Velvet Legging (so fancy!) and Nouvella’s Cotton Legging or Capri (the best basic!).



But what about tights—and something fancier, or more office-y? In solids, both the Color Tights and Opaque Tights are awesome and come in a million colours and the Erika Microfiber Tights are magic, because they’re the only microfiber cotton we’ve encountered. Seriously, they are the best.



In patterns you have your pick! There are classy classics like the Ribbed Pinstripe Tights and gorgeous romantic styles like the Floral Tights.



And don’t think you’re stuck without stockings if you don’t want to shave, because there are plenty of thigh high options! The Lycra Cuban Heeled Two-Tone Stockings are a wonderful winter option to the traditional sheer Cuban heel, and the Solid Thigh High Stockings are just a great basic all around.




So do you stop shaving this time of year, for a cause or for yourself?