We're just getting into the best time of year- sock season! As we move into our busiest time of year, we'd like to introduce you to the hard working Sock Dreams teams who will be processing, pulling, shipping, creating ads and working in our shop.

Our first department spotlight is our customer service department. These ladies are in first thing in the morning printing orders, answering your phone calls and emails.

customer service

Pictured here, in their favorite Sock Dreams socks, are Emily, Edelweiss, Lucy and Nina.


Emily has been working at Sock Dreams, in Customer Service, since February 2012- just in time for Sock Dreams to be her Valentine.
Emily's favorite part of working here is: Sharing an office with the silliest people I’ve ever met, selling fabulous products to customers in between spontaneous bursts of laughter. We have so much fun here it doesn’t really seem like work most of the time, especially when the office dogs come to visit for cuddles.

Emily is sporting the Dreamer Jacquard Ripple OTK in purples, these are her favorites because: Purple! Also I have a nerdy fascination with the history of the Jacquard looming process. The punch cards that were used in the original old timey looms were some of the first operating sequences that were a precursor to computer programming.


Edelweiss, who runs our wholesale (yes! Sock Dreams wholesales our brand!) has been working at Sock Dreams since 2007. She is wearing the extraordinarily longer thigh highs; she loves these socks because: they are so unusually long, come in great colors and they stay up on my legs even while riding my bike. No need to wear tights!

Those of you who might be interested in wholesale, we now offer it year round. A tip from Edelweiss: Because we now wholesale our socks all year long, be sure to order early as our socks sell out fast!


Next up is Lucy, our resident My Little Pony collector and general sweetheart. Lucy was hired at the same time as Emily and loves working at Sock Dreams because: It’s a very accepting company. No one cares that my hair is purple, and I’m actually encouraged to wear fun socks and have my own style.
Lucy is wearing the Harvest Rainbow Extraordinaries: The Extraordinary THs are the first thigh highs I found that fit my curvy thighs comfortably, and since I love rainbows, the Harvest Rainbows are an obvious choice for me.


The fearless leader of Sock Dreams customer service team is Nina who is also wearing the Extraordinarily Longer Striped Thigh Highs in her trademark black and plum. Nina loves these socks because: I love tall socks and I love striped socks, so our house brand of Extraordinarily Longer Striped Thigh Highs is a perfect match made in sock heaven!

Nina has been working at Sock Dreams for 2 years and loves- Keeping the feet of the world fashionable and cozy…one foot at a time!


A few tips from the Customer Service department regarding successful holiday ordering:
We provide a Return Authorization Form on the back of all our invoices, with all the basic information about returns. All you have to do is fill the form out, and send your items our way!

If you receive a damaged item, an item you didn’t order, or are missing an item, give us a call or email right away, and we’ll get you taken care of.

If you ever have any questions or concerns about your order, please don’t hesitate to shoot us an e-mail or give us a call! It is our goal to help resolve any issues in the easiest and most pain-free manner possible!

If you’re returning something, pretty please make sure it’s clean and pet hair free and you’ve filled out the authorization form on the back of the order invoice; it makes processing items so much easier and more pleasant.

Don’t forget to say hello occasionally when everything goes right. During really stressful times nothing keeps us motivated like getting a positive or silly email from a happy customer.

Thanks ladies!!!