As fabulous as it can be to have elaborate and unique costumes, there is something really fun about going for one of the traditional stand-bys. Especially great if you don’t know whether or not you’ll be going out, these classics are things that can easily melt right back into your everyday wardrobe when the holiday is over.


The Kitty

Whether you go the sultry, skin-tight Batman villain route or keep it fuzzy and cozy, a good cat just needs ears, paws and a tail. The ears are up to you, but the rest of it can be found by searching within Solid for your kitty colour. The Harajuku Arm Warmers and Cotton Slouches are perfect paws (and come in a lot of colours) and for a tail, just slip one O Basic inside another and pin it where tails go!



If you are a particularly Jellicle cat, then add something a little fuzzy and furry, like the Harajuku Leg Warmers or the New Zealand Bed Socks (which make pretty boss back paws) to fancy things up.



The Pirate

We have a lot of perfectly pirate-y styles, but a great pairing with eye patch, kerchief and weather-worn rags are stripes in black and red (and the Curvy Stripes Knee High is a great style that fits lots of folks!) and the Wood Knee Highs in your choice of Oak or Mahogany (I like to think Mahogany is a good choice for the pirate with classic taste). And, if you’re a girly pirate lass, the Shimmer Organza Knee Length Petticoat is just the thing to fluff out those full skirts.



The Ghost

The days of throwing a sheet with eyeholes over your head is long gone, but if you want to be a ghost it’s still just as easy. Start with a white outfit—you know, all those outfit pieces you love, but never wear because what if they stain?! Then figure out when your ghost is from and add some solid white accessories!

So, say you’re a sort of Victorian-y ghost. The Vertically Inclined, the Shimmer Organza Knee Length Petticoat and the Extra Long Satin Gloves are just the thing.



Speaking of spooky spirits, have you seen our seasonal sticker for this Halloween? Be sure to ask for it when you order, we want to make sure anyone who wants is haunted by our lovely logo lady.




So there’s some places to start, if you are still mulling the question of “costume or not?” And we’ve even got some more ideas from a couple years ago, socks that are a costume and socks that make a costume! Of course, this is our favourite time of year, so if you’re looking for just the thing to make your look, drop us a line and we’ll happily help you out.