­­Our first full month of autumn for the Northern hemisphere, October is one of our favourites. Symbolised by the many-hued tourmaline and opal, the sturdy marigold and the scales of Libra, October is all about balance. Seasonally equivalent to April, October turns the lamb back into a lion that has the frost of winter on its breath.

Tourmaline is a semi-precious stone and comes in several types. And even though the Racing Stripes Midcalf have a colour specifically called “Tourmaline”, it’s all three colours that properly show the range of this stone, with gradients from blues to pinks to greens.


 The endless colours and shimmer of opal gave us pause until I remembered the Sparkle shade of Nouvella’s space dyed Knee Highs and Terry Baby Booties. Just like all the colours of the rainbow are faceted through opal, Sparkle is almost dizzying in its inclusion of hue. Hueclusion, even.



Marigolds! Part of the Asteraceae family that includes the dandelions and asters of September, they’re sturdy little blooms that are great companion plants for all those veggies that bugs love to nosh on in the garden. Their little pops of yellow and orange are also a great visual companion to all that green. In the same vein, arm and hand warmers are the perfect thing to accompany you this season. It’s amazing how such a little bit of fabric that fits your pocket makes all the difference in warmth when you need it.


Alpaca Cable Handwarmers
Harajuku Arm Warmers
Wool Fingerless Gloves


The scales of Libra are all about balance and you know what else is? Toe socks. Not just for quirks and kicks, toe socks help promote better balance by encouraging your toes to spread a bit, just like they were designed for. And you don’t need toed shoes for the benefits! Just wearing a shoe with a wider toe box (front of foot) can make all the difference in the world.

Injinji, ToeSox and ToeToe are all three companies that care about your toes and treating them right, with smart design for your feet. They’ve each got great socks to start with, if you want to dip your toes into a new style.


Sports Micro Toe Sock
Scrunch Knee High Toe Sock with Grip
Stripey Knee High Toe Socks


Ahhh, October. It’s a wonderful month and you’re a wonderful person, so embrace it, stay balanced and cozy!