This week we added a shiny new review system to our site and right away we started seeing the results. Not only can you post reviews, you can also ask a question right there on the product and get an answer by one of our Dreamer staff members (or even a knowledgeable shopper sometimes). And since those questions and answers stay right there with the style in question as time goes by we'll get a good collection going and you might find your questions have already been answered... this is exciting for us because we see a lot of the same questions come here via email and this might save everyone time in the long run.

Everyone who has shopped with us in the past few months (and going forward) will get an email (with an opt-out option so we don't bug you too much) asking for a review and linking you to the product's page to make this easy on you. We're not going to offer discounts or other incentives, that would be like buying your opinion and that doesn't feel right. We want to know the truth, good or bad and will be right here responding as needed, usually within a day.

Thank you all for continuing to support this little dream of mine... I think it's going to be a fantastic fall, if our feet are warm and happy it's a lot easier to manage the stresses in this crazy busy world we all live in.