“Legging” is a pretty general category. When you look at our leggings section, you’ll find stirrup and capri leggings, along with true leggings and footless tights. Stirrup leggings cover your arch, but keep toes and heel free and capris end somewhere around the knee. Let’s pretend I meant for that to rhyme.


Now, sometimes we have folks talk about “leggings” but mean thigh highs, so it clearly can be a regional term. In the most general sense of how we use the word, leggings are like tights without the feet. They’ve got a waistband and end in the general area of your ankles. We and our suppliers also sometimes use the term “footless tights” to mean leggings—they’re practically interchangeable except for one thing: underpants visibility.


Leopard Print Footless Tight
Nouvella Cotton Capri


We’ve started to refine our terms the best we can, based on our experience and what words our customers (you beautiful folks!) use when looking for a specific style. Here’s what we’ve found. If you’re looking for leggings, more often than not you are looking for something with maximum underoo coverage. Leggings pair fabulously with tunic-length tops and dresses, things that don’t necessarily go with flashes of your undercarriage. Maybe they’re not perfectly opaque, but they’re at least tattoo-covering level of opacity. You can find all the straight-up leggings we carry with this search.

We’ve used a little bit of magic to sort together our favourite leggings that do the best at keeping things under wraps. Just search “opaque legging”, with the quotation marks around the phrase, and the most opaque of opaque leggings show up. And so do the Narita Sheer & Opaque Footless Tights, but we don’t know why, since they’re not opaque leggings at all. It is an unfortunate side effect of magic.


Make sure to check the descriptions and pictures, some styles listed there have two seams in the rear, which isn’t everyone’s favourite look (or feel). Of course, everyone is built a little differently, so opacity can vary. The more a style is stretched, the less opaque it can be. If you can, buy a size up for more opacity. The Thermo Fleece Lined Footless Tights are a good example of this. If you’re near the upper stretch limit for a size, they’re not very shy about what you’re wearing underneath.


We’ve found the Nouvella Cotton Legging and Cotton Capri are the most reliable for keeping you covered. One thing to watch, though: Charcoal and the Plum tend to run notably shorter in the leg than the other colors, but they're super stretchy and soft. We also don't think they're as opaque as the other colours, so you might want to buy a size up for more opacity. Like a lot of true leggings, they’re a “cut & sew” style, with seams on the inside of the leg.

Okay, okay, so leggings cover your butt like a good friend backing you up that time you said you did a thing you didn’t. But what does that mean Footless Tights are?

Easy, everything else! Is it like tights but without feet? Then it is footless tights. It’s like identifying sharks. Bitey? There you go! Only, I guess, actually simpler than real taxonomy.


Clockwise from top: Side Stripe Footless Tights, Black Roses Printed Footless Tights, Foot Traffic Floral Footless Tights, Lycra Fishnet Footless Tights, Cherry Blossom Printed Footless Tights, Floral Flocked Footless Tights.



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