Though science makes the reality more inexact, “equinox” means equal amounts of night and day. We get roughly the same amount of light and dark on the first day of fall on the Autumnal Equinox (and in spring for the Vernal Equinox!). With that in mind, I thought I’d give you some equally fabulous options in both night and day versions.

All the “night” styles are pulled from our fabulous Autumn section and the “day” styles are from the Lightweight category. And if your transitional seasons are anything like ours, then having both cozy and breezy styles to hand is vital this time of year!


For a lacy little something when you need a layer, the Bebe Crochet Anklets are perfect for day and the Super Long Crochet Leg Warmers do for night.


A little bit of ribbed dressiness is there in the Roni Dotted Diamond Trouser Sock for day and the Ribbed Wool OTK for night.



When you need a legwarmer (and who doesn’t?) the Harajuku Leg Warmers are perfect for warmer days, while the Orkney Angora Leg Warmers keep you toasty at night.



If you’re looking for pretty basics, the Heather Socklings are the perfect length between knee high and midcalf and the Super Ms are somewhere between thigh high and forever long.



Black and red is fun, but so sophisticated if you make the red dark. The M Squared is a light little style that scrunches beautifully for the day, while the Super Stripes take on the night with bold bands of colour.



I like this pair because where the ECO Comfort Top Crew doesn’t reach for day, the Signature Cotton Leggings cover for night!




And with that warm glow of day, I’ll leave you to enjoy your first day of fall!