Deep cool tones are in common for September’s birthstone and flower. Deep blue Sapphires and purple Asters are like the earlier evenings we’re starting to see. The constellation for most of this month is Virgo, which is associated with Persephone, a perfect beginning to autumn.

Sapphires are really just blue rubies, which is wild! Well, they’re not all blue, but that’s the colour they’re most commonly associated with. Actually, if they’re pink but not pink enough to be a ruby, then they’re pink sapphires, which are another favourite shade of this stone.


Clockwise from top: Silk & Cotton Crews, Marled Open Stitch Knee Sock, Wrinkle Press Knee High, ECO Waffle Weave, Sheer Pinstriped Thigh Highs with Bows, High Ties Over the Knee.


The flower for September is the aster. Commonly purple and spiky, you can choose between an accurate depiction on the Floating Flowers Midcalf, or an evocation in the texture of the Fuzzy Toe Socks.


But! Did you know what common flower is also part of the Asteraceae family? The dandelion. It’s true, I’ll wait while you look it up.


Dandelion Knee High


Virgo, the constellation until the last week of September, is a little tricky to depict in sock form. Sure, it’s associated with Persephone, but I already looked at pomegranates in January! Hmm. The coming of autumn and cold, the word “virgin” . . . ah-ha! Virgin wool. Perfect for those cool days that are creeping in. B.Ella has a lot of beautiful styles that use virgin wool, but here are three that speak to the season.


Liza Polka Dot Knee Socks
Leonardo Argyle Midcalves
Laurel Snowfall Knee High


I know a lot of folks are looking forward to the season change. Just two scant weeks until the Equinox when it is officially fall!