With autumn nearly upon us, the time has come to batten down the hatches and start to winterize! Of course you're going to want some cozy warm socks for the colder months ahead, and here at Sock Dreams we're working on some big changes for our website that should make that process easier. Since changes of this magnitude take a lot of planning and time to accomplish we're not expecting this to be ready til after the dust settles from the holidays, but today we're offering a little sneak peek at what we've got in store...

In the interest of making our website more interactive, we're going to be adding user reviews and product ratings. And, possibly, an option to sort reviews to show ones that are relevant to your preferences first (we haven't worked out all of the details yet, but it sounds amazing!). Not only that, but we're making it possible to ask product questions on the website where other shoppers can see and respond to them. That means that you'll have a vastly larger pool of different body types to ask for sizing advice! You'll also be able to look back at older questions and answers to see if the information you need has already been supplied. 

These will be the first changes and might be up within a few weeks, at that time we'll be sending out emails to people who have ordered in the past 90 days to review your purchases (of course we'll offer you an opt out option when the time comes). Once user reviews and votes have had a chance to build up a little, we're going to be adding a new product category to our website - customer favorites! There you'll be able to find all of our most popular items in one place.

In addition to these great new tools, we're going to be giving our front page an aesthetic overhaul. In the interest of an easier shopping experience, we're going to be putting less of a focus on our Sock Journal and Latest News, and putting more of a focus on, well, the socks! Our special categories will be appearing on the front page, making them much easier to find. We're also taking special care to put the contact information for our Customer Service team in a more prominent place, just in case you could use some help!

All of this is moving towards making our website accessible from all of your devices, including mobile phones as we find ourselves increasingly relying on them for everything and so do many of you according to statistics.

This week we've already made some updates to our wishlist feature. If you haven't already noticed, it's now possible to save your preferred choice of size to items on your wishlist. Let's face it - sizing is the hardest part of buying clothing for other people, but now we have you covered! If you happen to be keeping a wishlist just to keep track of what you plan on buying for yourself, we've also added a total line, so you can have a goal in mind without breaking out a calculator!

With all of these exciting new changes around here, we would be remiss to forget to give credit to all of our fans and shoppers. Thank you for all of the suggestions and kind words over the years. We want to build your dream website, because our dream wouldn't be possible without all of you!