From gorgeous patterns to fabulous textures, socks can be wearable works of art. Our Artistic category gathers the finest examples of fine art-inspired styles into a curated category that would make any gallerist proud. So let's take a field trip to the Museum of Sock Art!

 We'll start with two styles that are so familiar they need no introduction, that enigmatic smiling Mona Lisa by Leonardo Da Vinci and Van Gogh's Starry Night. A Renaissance beauty and one of the most easily recognised Post-Impressionist works.


Mona Lisa Crew
Starry Night Knee High


Next we have our lovely Art Nouveau wing. The iconic design elements of Art Nouveau are most recognisable from their beautiful posters and advertisements, like the iconic black cat of cabaret posters, or the full and twining blooms that were such a key part of framing design.


Chat Noir Knee Highs
Joelle Over the Knees


Working during the same time frame was the fantastic symbolist Gustav Klimt. Somehow taking simple shapes like spirals, he created pieces that are recognisable even when reinterpreted as pure pattern.


Polonova Klimt Trouser Socks
Polonova Klimt Spiral Velvet Gloves


Before we move on to more modern works, let's pop into the international wing and see some lovely works of art from Japan. These tabi socks' take on and a Kabuki player and Hokusai's woodblock print of mount Fuji is are fun interpretations of two of Japan's richly traditional arts, printmaking and theatre.


Fuji Mountain Tabi Crew
Kabuki Tabi Socks
Fuji Mountain Tabi Stretch Socks


Now for a bit of modern art! Mondrian's colour blocking has been interpreted so many ways, from pop-art dresses in the 60's to unique and playful furniture. The Plasticism Midcalves are probably our favourite though (we are a little biased towards socks).


Plasticism Midcalves


We don't have time to go through the entire museum, but feel free to wander around and take in some comfy culture!