Step into my sock-powered time machine as we travel back back, BACK to August 2011 when I pointed out our new Solid option for choosing uniform-code appropriate socks for back to school. How old fashioned was that?! Nowadays, our new-fangled technology can zoom you right to solid socks in any height you want (like the popular knee highs, OTKs and midcalves!).

By clicking “Solid” in the Pattern/Texture area of Advanced Search, all you’ve got to do, really, is pick your uniform or school colours and sock coverage style!  Just be sure you choose “ANY” while you’re picking your school colours, though. It’s very rare that we’d classify a solid sock as both Blue and Yellow (I guess that would be straight up Green?)


Though, if you do need multiple school colours representing at once, that’s easy enough to do. Just keep the colours restricted by “ALL” and choose “Striped” instead of “Solid” from the Pattern/Texture area of Advanced Search for a shortcut to school pride!



Of course, we can’t forget school supplies! We have the ol’ standards, Pencil and Notebook crews from Ashi Dashi.


Plus, we’ve got socks to inspire you in the four basic subjects—art, science, writing and math! The four below are just a few . . .


Clockwise from top: Plasticism Midcalf, Constellation Midcalf, Ashi Dashi Pencil Knee High, Apple Pi Crew.


We even have a great present for teacher, so you can start the year on the right foot.



So, whether you’re school shopping for yourself or someone else have fun and drop us a line if you have any questions!