August is our last summer month and with peridot, onyx, poppies and lions, the season gives us a regal goodbye.

One of the few gemstones happen in only one colour, the olive green of peridot ranges from a yellower shade to deep brown olive. Olive is a popular shade of green when it comes to socks and our house brands use olive shades for our medium green.


 Clockwise from top: Super Ms, Harajuku Scrunchy Socks, Alpaca Cable Hand Warmers, Heather Over the Knee Stockings, Extraordinary Thigh Highs, N40s,

Onyx is the other gemstone for August and though your first thought may be of solid black, it more commonly occurs in coloured bands, like the reds and browns of sardonyx (which is such a great band name).

Ozone Stripy Midcalves
Thea Cashmere Striped Knee High

August gets the pretty poppy for its flower, which are perfectly portrayed in these Una arm warmers and represented, colour-wise, by the Rust w/Brown Cesare Cashmere Blend socks.



The constellation for most of August is Leo, the lion. Strangely, there aren't many lion socks out there, but the Stained Glass Printed Leggings do the regal beasts justice, framing them around beautiful traditional motifs.



In looking for something to more figuratively represent lions I realised the Faux Fur Cuff Knee Highs are essentially little lion costumes for your legs, with fuzzy ruffs and everything!



Wow, next month fall begins! Soak up those last bits of summer while you can, Northern Hemisphere folks!