I cannot believe that three years ago Niq handed over the Sock Journal reins to me. How time flies! It’s why I love doing this little yearly round-ups to keep track of all those days going by. After the first year we had the start of our social media team that you now see wonderfully juggling all the new ways to interact online. By last year I started feeling comfortable enough to show you my nerdiness and start doing more sock care and info posts.

When I asked the other Dreamers what their favourite posts from the past year were, all of their faves matched mine! Which makes me feel pretty awesome!


The overall favourite was the addition of Tips and Tricks to the Reference category (which, BTW, is where all the informative posts, like DIY and “What is A . . .” live). I’ve tried to keep all these posts short, sweet and image-heavy—giving you all the little tips (and tricks) we’ve learned about socks over the years. Like blocking to increase stretch!



And I’ve been lucky enough to get to do some more involved DIY posts. Like dyeing stockings to match!



With last Christmas I started doing my favourite indulgence that luckily you all seem to dig (and they’re kind of favourites with the other Dreamers too!). Sock Stories! Where socks are the star and I am a big ol’ nerd playing dolls with them, essentially. The Nutcracker was the first sock story, but I think it is the latest instalment, where the socks star in a drive-in movie, that I am the most in love with.



But one of the most exciting things that has happened in the past year is our robust new search engine. You can search by all sorts of things, supplier, coverage, texture, fiber and (most importantly) colour! I ran down the basics last fall and we’re always refining everything to bring you the best, most relevant, results we can.



I hope that, over the past couple of years, the Sock Journal has become even more of a solid go-to for sock info and reference and fun. What have your favourite posts been this past year? What would you love to see more of?