Folks, I cannot believe I haven’t shared this yet! You may have noticed that I’m a big fan of how our Advanced Search works, it really lets you tailor your quest for socks. On our main page we even have some quick “Browse By” links to start your search by Color, Coverage, or Pattern & Texture. If you click on one of those you go to a page full of thumbnails that are kind of a fun visual way to start your search. This is what you see if you click on “Color



And, as cool as that is, that’s not what I’m most excited about. Do you see the option on the bottom row, in the middle? Neon.



If you click on it, the resulting page is fun, but doesn’t offer a lot of products. That’s because “Neon” is more of a modifier. The magic happens when you choose “Neon” (either by going through “Browse By” or just selecting it in Advanced Search under “Color”) and another colour, such as pink.



Fun, right? We've marked as "Neon" any colour that really has a brightness to it.  “Neon” and “Green” is another great colour catch, as is “Neon” and “Rainbow”!


After the jump, we have one more neon-related rad thing to share!

If you search “Blacklight” on our site, a handful of styles pop up. What’s special about these styles is that we’ve found they react to UV light (or, “blacklight”). Now, this is not all the styles or colours we carry that do glow under blacklight, just the ones we’ve noticed—so, if you’re curious about how a style reacts under blacklight, drop us a line and we can check for you!

How do we check? Oh, with the Sock Dreams blacklight. And lately, we’ve been trying to get pictures of how products glow, because sometimes it is a surprise what colour something turns! And some colours just don’t work, like the orange fur in the Furry Rainbow Leg Warmers. Compared to the colours next to them, especially, they’re quite dull. Of course, they're still going to be utterly fantastic in any blacklight-involved situation.



The Neon Striped Acrylic Knee Socks were wild to edit, because I had trouble figuring out which blacklight snap was the Turquoise & Pink and which was the Purple & Turquoise! Although we try to be accurate with general colour in blacklight photos, we can’t be as spot-on as we try to be with regular product photos. What we make sure to do is convey the hue and brightness of how something glows.



Now, it’s a slow and steady process to get good documentation of what glows under blacklight and to get snaps of it in action. So if there is a product you’re particularly curious about, drop us a line and we’ll check it out. Because you never know what will glow under UV light. . . like the Rainbow Dreams in Bright!