Sock Dreamers are a dedicated bunch! People often work here for many years and learn many different positions in the sock world. From time to time, however, someone will leave us to follow their own dreams in the wide, wild world. That's when we get to hire brand new Sock Dreamers, which we have just had the pleasure of doing!

sock folding003 sock folding002

One of the rites of passage for any new Dreamer is learning to fold socks. All of our house-brand Dream Stockings and Dreamer Socks have a different kind of fold, and it's important for new employees to learn them all.

The end product is described by our Stock Room manager and resident blogstress, the loverly Miss Brenna, as a "sock brick": no loose ends popping out, heel and toes tucked into the folds, with a pleasing aesthetic in every pair.

sock folding004 sock folding001

Class was conducted today for our new Dreamers. A variety of different socks were paraded through our Project Room, with labels, bits of yarn, and tagging guns to boot-- all for the purposes of beginning to learn the product in a hands-on way!