Wow. Last June we were finishing up plans to say goodbye to our old headquarters. And a month later we were at our new HQ. Even though it’s just been a year, it feels like we’ve been in this pretty purple building always!

We’ve been spending the last year making this place our own (in between serious sock business, of course). Even though a lot of it has been arranging, rearranging and then re-rearranging to find the best way to fit things (if you’ve ever made a big move, you know the complicated dance we mean!), lots of fancier touches have been put in place to make us feel at home.

Our conference room is now super slick, with old sock blocking forms kickin’ it on the wall. There's even a big, beautiful whiteboard where all those great sock graphs get cooked up.



The lovely folks of Customer Service re-painted their department, and the one bazillion teal and off-white paint chips we all looked at were totally worth it! Though, I am starting to suspect they were purposefully trying to match this Swashbuckler’s Ball poster. . .



One of the newest and most fun additions to our space is a decorated break area. One of our pretty transit ads decorates the wall behind the new couch.



Maybe you’ve noticed our new couch in pictures already! Or, if you follow Niq on Instagram, you’ve noticed it a couple of times.



Just like at our old place, bits and pieces of where we are sneak into our product pictures. I’m personally in love with the purple of the outside of the building and love putting other purples against it, like in this shot for the Leg Avenue Striped Tights.



We have a big bay door by our break area, and it often becomes an impromptu stage for pictures.


Color Blocks Toe Socks
Sock It To Me Rainbow Block Knee Highs
EG Smith Solid Thigh High Stockings


But I think the thing we’re most in love with shooting on, by and around right now is our new, velvety, leopard-print couch and gorgeous hand-painted floor in the break area! Niq made great use of the floor in the shots for the new Tie Dye Ripple OTKs.



And I was like, “who says plaid and animal print don’t go together?!” when I got the pictures of the Plaid Printed Tights.



Clearly, we’re loving our new place! And we couldn’t have made this move or been so happy about it without the support of wonderful customers like you! You folks just make our day and keep on making it. ♥