And now, a special message from our shipping team!

We at Sock Dreams send a lot of warm, comfy, snuggly socks across the globe each year. The majority of those packages find their welcoming homes with no problems. Unfortunately, some packages fall through the cracks and acquire what we call "Delivery Errors". Most of these are easily remedied, as the packages are returned to us marked with clues as to what went wrong. However, some packages with "Delivery Errors" suffer the dreaded fate of having been "Delivered" according to their tracking information, and yet are unreceived by the addressee. What little we can do for these packages lessens with the passage of time, which is why we are announcing a change in policy.

Starting today, all requests for reimbursement for lost or stolen parcels MUST be made within 60 days of the shipment date. Furthermore, we can no longer be held responsible for replacing or refunding domestic orders that have "Delivery Errors" unless either Signature Confirmation or Insurance were added during checkout.

Confirmation emails with tracking numbers are sent out automatically with every processed order; packages can then be tracked at If you find distressing or erroneous updates as you track the progress of your order*, please contact us, either by emailing, or by calling our toll-free customer service number: 888.717.6257

* Note that Standard International shipping does not include tracking service, but may receive sporadic updates. Please be patient if you select this option!

Some ways to reduce the chances of your order having "Delivery Errors" are:

  • Double-checking addresses, both shipping and email
    • We have seen many weird addresses come through our system, and we have found that the number-one culprit is a browser's auto-complete function, which may replace what you've just written with something else entirely.
    • If there is an error in the email address connected to your order, then the confirmation email with your tracking number will not be received.
  • Making sure the addressee on a package is currently connected to the shipping address.
    • This is usually only an issue when dealing with apartment complexes, as the addressee may not be reflected on the door buzzer, mailbox, or lease. This can easily be cleared up with the inclusion of a "C/O John Doe" in the address, where John Doe is a known resident. We also see this issue before, during, or after a move, when mail forwarding can interfere with delivery.
  • Including a message for the mail carrier in the "order notes" section of checkout
    • Do you have the perfect space for a package to be left where prying eyes will not see? Would you rather have your package left with a mail room, front office, or neighbor? We can include your brief notes with special instructions for the mail carrier on your order's shipping label.
  • Adding Signature Confirmation and/or Insurance
    • We love being able to offer a Free Shipping option for our U.S. customers, but it is not always the most reliable method of delivery! You may have noticed two new options on the shipping selection page during checkout: Signature Confirmation and Insurance. Either option greatly reduces the risk of your order’s loss to "Delivery Errors". While they do require some minor additional payment, combining both options is usually still cheaper than standard domestic shipping costs and provides peace of mind for your shipment.

As always, if you have any questions about this change in policy or anything else, please contact us and we'll be happy to help!