As we zoom through summer  we hit some pretty fun symbols. July’s birthstone is the Ruby (gorgeous!), the Water Lily (another lily?!) and the kind of crabby Cancer. It’s like they’re all saying “take a dip in the water and cool off from this blazing sun.”

Rubies are one of the four “precious gems”, along with sapphires, emeralds and diamonds. They’re a pink to deep red version of corundum (the same stuff sapphires are made of), but the deepest and darkest reds are the most sought after. Which is probably why only our most scrumptious reds are called “ruby.”


Harajuku Scrunchy Socks
Orkney Angora Wrist Warmers
Gloveometry Arm Cozy
Polonova Velvet Gloves with Vines


Now, we don’t have water lily socks, but the Lotus Midcalf fits the same feeling of flowers that grow in shallow, calm, water. And the blooms on the Earth Crews have a similar, sharp-petalled shape.



The trickiest symbol to represent in socks this month is the Cancer constellation. There were some sad faces when we realised we don’t have any socks with crabs on them. Or lobsters!  Then Niq pointed out that tabi socks always sort of reminded her of crab claws. Of course, we had to test this. Scientifically.


The Striped Tabi in Black & Pink and the Textile Tabi in Orange make for pretty crab-tastic claws!


 Oh snap!

(and there’s always the Water Crews too, to represent aquatic signs!)


Warm colours and cool water, that’s July!