Here at Sock Dreams, we associate with all sorts of costumed characters. From anime to morning cartoons, super heroes and villains to steampunk, Star Trekkers to pirates, the sultry and the silly-- we be-sock them all!

Although we receive a TON of orders during the Halloween season, in an age of cosplay, we are constantly getting orders and emails asking us to advise on the proper sock for all of folks' costuming needs. Here are a few examples of socky suggestions we have made!

Pirates: Our favorite pirates are the members of PDX Yar! They've done videos with us, performed for our Halloween parties, and are some of our biggest fans. For pirate socks, we recommend the Dream Stalker Stripes and Extraordinary Stripes. The two colors that are most popular with this crew are red and black for the Extraordinaries, and dirt and blood for the Stalkers-- no surprise there!



Super Heroes and Villains: In Portland, we have The Alter Egos Society to take the reins on fighting and committing crimes, and there are super groups all over the country who help their home cities-- groups like The Rain City Super Hero Movement in Seattle, or The Black Monday Society in Salt Lake City. For these groups, we recommend our N40s and N Stripes. These mostly-nylon socks come in several bright and bold colors, including royal and a terrific purple, as well as some POWerful stripes.


Star Trekkers: The two new Star Trek movies have created a renewed interest in the shows. We've been seeing more folks at cons wearing their Start Fleet uniforms, and in our own city, Atomic Arts does a live performance of an original series episode. For your Trek cosplay needs, we recommend the tried-and-true O Basics, which come in red, royal, and gold, as well as purple, hunter, and teal for your Deanna Troi costuming needs.




We're always interested to hear what socks you use for your costuming on our Tumblr, Facebook and Twitter pages, and we have lots of costume-related posts in our Sock Journal as well! Happy cosplaying!!!