The weekend around the Fourth of July is always a big movie weekend. It’s about this time of year that you see aliens, monsters and lots of one-liners on the silver screen.  I don’t know if you’re lucky enough to live around a drive-in movie theatre, but if you are then you’ve probably spent at least one perfectly warm summer night taking in a show or two.

So, turn your car radio KOTK 850 (we ask that you only listen to our movie broadcasts on the drive-in property), find a parking space (it’s first come, first served, no holding spots!) and settle in for a night at the movies! And if you’re curious who any of the “actors” are, just click the links!



The first flick is always family-friendly and this overseas import will please kids of all ages. Shhh, let’s keep it down so we can hear the story . . .



What a beautiful city. Modern, clean.



Oh no. What is that monster in the distance?


It dwarfs the city!!



Aw, man, now it's destroying the city. Uncool! Stop being such a monster, you monster!!

 What could have created such a creature?!


Oh. Of course. Probably “mad science”, to be accurate.



Speaking of mad, is that a swarm of giant butterflies?


They’re attacking the beast!! The city is saved!



The butterflies rebuilt the city, how awesome of them!



Wow, I was really worried for a second. Who would have thought butterflies would win that kind of fight? But then, if you had enough butterflies working in unison, you could probably do anything, even if they weren’t giant.

*Yawn* dang, it is getting late. I thought we’d be able to stay long enough for the second movie, but not this time. Hopefully before summer is over we’ll get to see a midnight creature feature!


(“Scenery” played by: Abstract City Midcalves, SITM Cityscape Knee High, Green Knees in Kelly, Printed Cloud Toe Socks and O Basics. Previews were for the Captain America Crew.)