As I sit here in the Sock Dreams HQ making an order for this weekend's event (Gear Con, which takes place at the Portland DoubleTree Hotel, July 5th-7th), I ponder this question: what is a Steampunk?

The simple answer is that Steampunk is a sub genre of Science Fiction that is heavily inspired by the Victorian age of England and the Industrial Revolution. Think Jules Verne, Robert Lewis Stevenson, H.G. Wells, H.P. Lovecraft and a pinch of Sir Aurthur Conan Doyle. A more complicated answer is that it's an idea of an alternative time period that is based on science playing a larger role in the Victorian age; a fantastical world where men and women walk around in the lovely clothes of the period, with wondrous devices made of brass, that work with intricate gears and other moving parts.



The fashion is an enormous part of this culture: corsets, bustles, hats, boots, large skirts, ascots, waist coats, and of course socks, stockings, and garters. We will be attending Gear Con this weekend with another Sellwood neighborhood shop, Wells and Verne. While they're decking folks out with custom suits and dresses, we will be adorning feet with all the classiest bits and bobs!

Shimmer Organza Knee Length Petticoat
Snappy Geared Up Garters
Dreamer Jacquard Ripple OTK  •

We have an entire category on our website called Victoriana, just for your Steampunk needs! This category is filled with lovely lacy things, dapper socks, and sturdy garters. We will be bringing many of these items to Gear Con, along with a selection of our appropriately-hued Dream Stockings and Dreamer Socks at our discounted event prices.

Here's to a Steamy weekend!!!