Are you at Leaky Con in Portland? We are too! Today we have even more FREE Sock Dreams gift cards for the first 6 witches and wizards to stop by our booth and say the magic words!

Sunday's magic words are Mischief Managed!

Have you managed all the mischief you intended at the con this weekend? You've got one day left-- but don't forget to clear your map when you're done, or it could fall into hands that are up to no good...

So hop on your brooms and scoot over to booth #211 ASAP for your chance to win! The amount on the gift card could be $5, or it could be $10, or it could even be $20-- it'll be a surprise! We also have a magical selection of our favorite styles to browse and buy, including the last few pairs of Sorcerer Socks and some extra-special event-only stickers. (We MIGHT have some left over after this weekend, but we won't make any promises!)

Leaky Con exclusive stickers