Summer officially began last week and although we know some of you prefer to totally eschew socks in the warm months, this summer we’ve got some skimpy little footies to line your shoes and some fabulous openwork styles to add a little more coverage even when you’re wearing less for the weather.

Tabbisocks rocked our, um, socks this summer with a delightful batch of no-show footies. Most of them have a soft, squishy pad under the ball of the foot, to add a little more cushion and care. We love this feature, because a lot of dress shoes and sandals don’t have much cushion! If you love these socks, get them while you can, because we’ve found Tabbisocks treats a lot of their styles seasonally and we might not have these into the colder months!


Clockwise from top: Polka Dot Footies, Sheer Polka Dot Footies, Lace Toe Footies, Eyelet Lace Footie, Eyelet Lace Footie with Mary Jane Strap, Basic Five Toes.


Footie socks are pretty sweet when the sun starts beating down. They’re a protective layer between you and your shoes, absorbing sweat and helping prevent blisters. A couple of sportier footie options (all of which will show more over your shoes than the Tabbisocks no-shows) are the Bamboo No Show 3-Packs, the Lightweight Running No-Show Toe Socks and the pedicure-perfect Bella Half Toe No Shows with Grip.



But what if you would like to still cover your legs a little, even while wearing shorts? Our Openwork category to the rescue! More than just fishnet and lace, openwork comes in a wonderful array of variations to suit your style and shows a bit more skin than regular lightweight styles.


Swirl Net Hose with Braided Look Sides
Side Stripe Legging
Art Deco Openwork Tights


What is (I think) pretty fun about our Openwork category is that it lets me link you directly to the scrumptious Foot Traffic “texture” styles. Named after fancy, famous cities, they’re Dreamer and customer favourites when it comes to layering! And I could not just pick a couple to show you, so here are all of them!



If you do keep on wearing socks in the summer months (and goodness knows, we do!), what is your game plan? Lightweight legcoverage or just enough fabric to keep your feet from becoming one with your shoes?