Will you be at Leaky Con in Portland this weekend? We're there right now, and once again we've got Sock Dreams gift cards to give away to the first 6 witches and wizards to say the magic words at our booth!

Friday's magic words are Wingardium Leviosa!

(Be sure to pronounce this spell correctly-- you wouldn't want to face Hermione's scorn!)

Hop on your brooms and scoot over to booth #211 ASAP for your chance to win! The amount on the gift card could be $5, or it could be $10, or it could even be $20-- it'll be a surprise! We'll also have a magical selection of our favorite styles to browse and buy, including Sorcerer Socks and some extra-special event-only stickers. (We MIGHT have some left over after this weekend, but we won't make any promises!)

Leaky Con exclusive stickers