I cannot even believe we’re at the halfway point of the year. Time passes quickly when your socks are fun! June’s flower and birthstone are a great team—roses and pearls! The constellation for most of the month is Gemini, a perfect pairing for socks!

June’s actually got three birthstones associated with it, Alexandrite, Moonstone and Pearls. Both Alexandrite and Moonstone possess shifting colours that are impossible to capture in sock form, so I’ve made little gradients for you.

Alexandrite shifts from reddish to greenish.


From left to right: Heather Sockling, Ribbed Knit Leg Warmers, Harlequin Trouser Socks, Melange Crew, Diamond Rib Knee Highs.


Moonstones are pearlescent, glowing rainbows of green and blue, with purple and yellow on the edges. I actually super can’t convey the deepness of their colours and beauty, not even in socks.


From left to right: O Basics, Bastia Comfort Top Crew, Erin Wool & Silk Socks, Harajuku Leg Warmers, Vertically Inclined Stockings.


Pearls are a little easier, with their beautiful, soft shades of white. Our O Lovelies in Pearl are a gimme as far as that gemstone is concerned! For the rest of your strand of socks, we’ve got lots of solid white with subtle shimmer and satin texture to dress up your look.


Clockwise from top: Micromesh Lace Ruffle Tanga Short, Opaque Stockings with Ruffle and Bow, Microfiber Chenille Arm Warmers, Simply Adjustable Sock Garters, Furry Lurex Leg Warmers, Alpaca Beehive Knit Long Arm Warmers.


But have you seen black pearls? They’re probably my favourite and they’ve got hints of blue and purple in them.


Clockwise from top: Silk & Cotton Crews, Wrinkle Press Knee High, Fuzzy Toe Socks, Cotton Lace Anklets, Maniche Silk Tweed Boot Sock, Lace Ruffle Anklets with Bow.


The lovely companion flower to pearls is the rose and we’ve got socks with that distinctive bloom emblazoned,


Rose Border Over the Knees
Stitched Rose Knee Highs
Black Roses Printed Footless Tights


And there are shades of red and pink called “rose” that range the spectrum.



Now Gemini, the twins, is almost too easy to symbolise with socks. So let’s pair these pairs with two packs. Each of these styles come in sets of two, for you to mix and match or have a spare.


Top row: Bamboo Crew 2 Pack, Striped No Show 2 Packs
Bottom row: SITM Toddler & Kids Two Packs, Larger Footed Striped No Show 2-Packs


Pretty pearls, romantic roses and double your money with Gemini. We’re halfway through the year with Summer Solstice to prove it on the 21st!