Hey Sock Dreams fans, it's time to dust off your rainbows and your ruby red slippers,
'cause June is Pride month!


Historically, LGBT Pride month is at this time because of the beginning of the Stonewall Inn riots on June 28th, 1969. On that day in the early morning in Greenwich Village's most fabulous street, Christopher Street, the homosexual community decided they'd had it with police raids and laws that made them a marginalized group. They began a series a violent protests that many mark as the beginning of the Gay Liberation movement, a movement that has continued and brought gay rights to the forefront.



Year after year, the anniversary of the Stonewall has been celebrated in an increasing number of cities across the US, and year after year, we come closer and closer to the goal of normalization and open mindedness that the people at Stonewall were fighting for.

We are proud to participate in this legacy by supporting Portland Pride, and we hope all of you will go out to your various cities' Prides, or create a Pride of your own!