It can be tough to find a good father’s day present. A lot of stuff (just like with Mother’s day) is hackneyed or not really useful. The past couple of years I’ve shared some basic Father’s day ideas and something for new dads, but this year let’s think about spoiling them! A primo papa deserves a little pampering and to feel fancy, so just like we looked at some indulgent options for Mother’s day, let’s look at some that are a little more dad-oriented.

Like most folks (particularly parents), left to their own devices, dads aren’t going to totally spoil themselves buying socks. They like basics, or something silly, or they spend a just the tiniest bit more for some classy comfort.


Authentic Military Bootsocks
Tuxedo Midcalf
Plasticism Midcalf


Knowing they probably don’t splurge on themselves gives you free reign to deal up some delights for dad. And you don’t have to break the bank when you pull your pops out of their wheelhouse with some basics that have a little more indulgence, fun, or old-school styling. The three styles below are all under $20!


Maniche Silk Tweed Bootsock
Boot Knife Midcalf
Striped Suspender Clip Sock Garters


Of course, if you can and do want to go a bit overboard, we’re glad to help! Three particularly fabulous Father’s day options after the jump!

Let’s kick things off with one of the most gloriously luxe larger-foot styles we carry! Straight from our Indulgences category, may I present the B.Ella Pantera Jersey Dress Socks. At 85% cashmere they essentially feel like you have somehow made socks out of the softest clouds. Plus, there is a heavy metal fan bonus in the name your dad might enjoy.



Now, with this next suggestion I’m not trying to say all dads love golf. But, since they’re human, they do like quality relaxing. And the ToeToe Sports Golfer is all about cool comfort. They have a really gorgeous hand-knit look and an open-knit top that helps keep feet cool under pressure. Plus, toe socks are great for folks often on their feet, they encourage a better stance and help prevent blisters. If you’ve thought maybe your pops might benefit from toe socks, presenting them as a gift is a good way to introduce them to the style so they can make a healthy habit and reap the benefits. Besides, I’m sure your folks may have used a similar tactic on you, encouraging you to wear a certain sweater when visiting the relative who gifted it. It’s sneaky, but the comfort and health toe socks can provide is worth it. Besides, the ToeToe Sports Golfer are super comfy socks!



If your dad is a straight-up sports nut then a high-quality compression sock like these Running Compression Socks are a wonderful option. They’re designed for both a runner’s comfort and muscle recovery, with a padded achilles tendon protector and graduated compression to encourage healthy blood flow during activity. Be sure to show your dad the right way to put on compression socks. Sure, everybody puts their pants on one leg at a time, but with socks it’s a different story.



Even if you don’t deluge your dad with delights, let them know they’re a fantastic father, however you can. Make your poppa proud.