We love our neighborhood! Sellwood/ Westmoreland is a cozy neighborhood nestled between Southeast Portland and Milwaukee, OR. It's known for its extensive antique shops, great little places to eat, excellent proximity to rivers and parks, summer concerts, kid-friendly activities, and of course, our Sock Dreams shop.

For the past couple years, we have supported the Llewellyn Carnival, which is put on by Llewellyn Elementary as a super fun kids event and a fundraiser for their school. Every year, they've asked us to do an event, and this year we are proud to present... Ring Around the Knee High!

carnival ring toss

This ring toss, presented Sock-Dreams-style, was conceived and created by our PR team, and we're pretty proud of it. It will be doing double-duty this weekend, as it and our other handmade creation, the Sock's in the Dryer Toss, entertain bike riders during the Hott Socks bike ride.

carnival sock toss

The Hott Sock Bike ride is part of an event called Pedalpalooza, which features several of the zaniest bike events Portland has to offer; we have been a stop on the ride since its conception. Each year the shop and its adjoining yard fill up with bicyclists in nutty costumes, hungry for snacks, prizes, and sales. This year, we'll be creating a carnival atmosphere featuring our two main events, as well as a donut on a string and other games of skill and chance.

If you're in the Portland area this weekend, take the trip to Sellwood and stop by these events. It'll be more fun than a sock full of monkeys!