Last year we were approached by the newest LGBT publication in town, PQ Monthly, to sponsor an event they were starting called Gay Skate.

This is a regular event that is meant for LGBT families to come and have fun roller skating in an atmosphere of acceptance. Gay Skate takes place every third Monday at Oaks Park Skate Rink, which is right near our Sock Dreams shop.

One of the best things that's come out of sponsoring Gay Skate, besides supporting a great event, is it has strengthened our relationship not only with PQ Monthly, but with our Portland roller derby team The Rose City Rollers.


This month instead of doing the usual split ad with RCR, as the Rose City Rollers are called, we are combining our efforts and creating a photo ad in the shared space featuring LGBT skaters in Sock Dreams socks! One of most special pieces of this ad is being able to have one of the young players of the RCR team, The Rosebuds, in the photo shoot, as gay skate is geared toward LGBT youth.


We look forward to working with RCR at our upcoming Portland Pride, where we will have the most epic booth of all times!

Stay tuned!