A good mama is a wonderful thing and a hard job. If you’ve got a great mom in your life you should let them know how fabulous they are all the time. And if you’re a rad mom, I hope you know how great you are. Mother’s Day is just one day out of the year (this year it’s May 12th), but it’s a chance to really treat these wonderful folks.

We’ve got a Mother’s Day Favourites section, but most of those styles are the ones our moms like, and if your moms are like ours, they keep their fancy stuff pretty basic. They like comfy crews, cozy bedsocks, maybe a ‘crazy’ splurge on some hand-printed trouser socks.


Meg Unconstricted Top Crew
New Zealand Bed Socks
Polonova Flower Trouser Socks


But, the best gifts are the ones that you know the giftee would never think to get themselves. Something fancy, maybe a little more than they like to spend on themselves. Our Indulgences section is a good place to go for just that sort of thing. I’m going to be honest, these are our pricier styles. But they earn their price, with fabulous fibers, fit and construction. This is where the luxurious stuff lives.

That doesn’t mean you have to go wild picking something out for your moms. There are some great options under $25 that feel fantastic and look gorgeous. Plus, they’re practically basics, so you won’t get chided for going overboard.


Multi-Lines Knee Highs
Orkney Angora Wrist Warmers
Philippe Matignon Silk Anklets


Of course, if you can and do want to spoil your mom, we can help you there! Check out three sweet indulgences after the jump!

Probably one of the most luxe knee highs we carry are the B.Ella Ginger Ribbed Knee Highs. They’re 81% cashmere. That’s a lot of cashmere! Soft, cushy and feeling like they’re made of clouds, these knee highs are a favourite of folks who want to really treat someone they love.



The next step up are the St. Petersburg Gloves. Don’t worry, that’s not real fur they’re trimmed with, but the gloves are 100% wool, crazy cozy and amazingly classic in line. Plus, they have a fabulous little pocket hidden in their cuff. Moms need to feel fancy too, and dang if these gloves won’t help them feel like an old-time movie star who is also a spy, using films as their cover.



For the ultimate indulgence I present the Orkney Angora Over The Knees. 50% angora, 50% lambswool, made by a family-run business in the Orkney Isles, these socks are like hugs. Which you should give your mom, by the way (and not just cuddly, fuzzy, high-end sock hugs). What is great about the Orkney Angora Over The Knees is that they are comfy and wonderful, but they’re also tall socks. So your mom can feel kind of foxy too.



Of course, you might not be able to indulge your awesome mom with luxurious gifts. But if you’ve got a marvellous mother, let them know, however you can.