Not everyone can be a superb artist, but here at Sock Dreams, we are fortunate enough to have several seriously talented folks.

From the real to the absurd, from the geeky to the adorable, if you ask for invoice art, one of us is more than happy to oblige.

That's why, when we were offered a table as the first non-comic retailer at Stumptown Comics Fest  , taking place at the Oregon Convention Center this weekend April 27th & 28th, we knew that we had to present something pretty darn special.

Stumptown Comics has been celebrating independent comic artists, writers, and publishers for 8 years now and has grown exponentially. It is a gathering for all the geek community of Portland, with parties, performances, pod casts and the Stumptown Independent comics awards. Portland is a city of comics, with folks like Oni Press, Dark Horse, Periscope Studios and countless other comic folks doing it on their own and Stumptown is their time to shine.

When we learned the we were going to table at Stumptown, it only seemed natural to feature not only our amazing socks, but our artistic talents. 

As such, we will be premiering our very first Zine!!! It will be filled with interesting artwork, inspired by our customers, from various invoices over the years and we're pretty proud of it. You will be able to find the Zine at any of our geeky events this year and can pick one up for the low, low price of 7 bucks! In addition, we will have all the usual deals on our Dreamer Socks and Dreams Stockings, as well as fun socks for  this artistic crowd.

Hope to see you there!

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