I will admit that I’m a little partial to April’s symbols, but for good reason—it’s my birth month! Sparkling diamonds, pretty little sweet peas, daisies, and Aries, April has got a pretty good batch.

Diamonds are, according to popular song, a girl’s best friend, but they’re also clear so they’re not easily represented via sock. If only there was a pattern or something that was diamond-y . . .


Diamond Jester Knee Highs
Dreamer Harlequin Diamond OTKs
Harlequin Diamond & Stripe Tights

Right! “Diamond” is a pattern/texture you can check off in our Advanced Search. It’s a gorgeous, simple pattern that goes with everything, kind of like the gemstone, even.

Top row, from left:
Diamants Lace Topped Knee High, Sheer Pattern Knee High, Vienna Trouser Socks.
Bottom row, from left:
Sheer Pattern Crew, Five Toed Sheer Knee High, B.Ella Gigia Microfiber Crew.


Sweet peas are pretty little pastel flowers. They have a distinct shape and don’t seem to be a popular choice to decorate socks with. Daisies too! Other than the flowers the Sock It To Me Elephants are holding, there isn’t single daisy on the socks we currently carry. I suppose I’ll just have to make my own. Let’s see, we need some solid white styles for the outside and some solid yellow for the middle:

Clockwise from top:
Bobby Socklings, Ribbed M Stockings, Socklings, Opaque Thigh High with Bows, Taller Tabis, Harajuku Arm Warmers.
Arm Warmer w/Thumb.

Did you know the daisy is a compound flower? Each petal and each cluster of yellow in the middle is an individual flower. Nature! So crazy and awesome.

The constellation that makes up most of April is Aries, the ram. I know the ram is kind of like, this noble symbol, but even the most dignified ram is still as fluffy as the sheep on the Sleepy Sheep bedsocks (though I’m sure the facial expression would be more stern). Sheep provide a lot of wonderful wool, with merino being a popular choice when luxurious softness is sought. We have a nice selection of merino styles to pamper your toes, but here are a couple that I consider the fluffiest, thanks to the amazing combo of soft wool and boucle yarn:

B.Ella Katy Striped Wool Socks
Alpino Merino Mousse Crew
Franco Wool Boucle Stripe Midcalf


April! Fluffy flowers, sparkling sheep! Spring all of its wackiness in full force.