Shamrocks and their luck are traditional symbols for St. Patrick’s day and their bonny green is associated with the holiday as well.


Snappy Shamrock Garters
Lucky Knee Highs
Sock It To Me Clover


Thanks to our colour search, you can find lots of green styles to satisfy any anti-pinching needs. The Green Knees are a great start, and you can find a grassy shade in a lot of the knees styles.


From top: Green Knees in Black, Green Knees in Kelly, Green Knees in Purple, Green Knees in Fuchsia, Orange Knees in Kelly, Pink Knees in Lime.


There’s a lot of history behind what colour you wear on St. Patrick’s day. Some folks wear orange, a colour you also see on Ireland’s flag. We offer a lot of oranges, from rusty shades to crayon brights.


Extraordinarily Longer Thigh High
Harajuku Arm Warmers
Opaque Tights


Recently (like I mentioned last year) we see folks sporting rainbows and gold.


Rainbow Piano Knee High
Metallic Leggings
Over The Rainbow Thigh Highs


But did you know that St. Patrick and Ireland used to be symbolised by hues of blue? From the sky tints of history to the richer shades used today, “St. Patrick’s blue” is still found in modern symbols.


Cotton Slouch Socks
O Basics
OTK Tubes


So many colours to pick from! But no matter what you choose, have a happy St. Patrick’s day!


From top: N Stripes in Royal & Light Blue, N Stripes in Red & Orange, N Stripes in Kelly & Lime, O Tie Dyed.