It’s March and that means National Craft Month! We’ve given you lots of DIY options for rejuvenating socks that aren’t good for being socks any more, but what about nylon socks and stockings?

Nylon styles can be thin and anybody who regularly wears classic stockings has experienced a ruining snag. With socks you can darn holes or cut ‘em to make arm warmers, or use them as the base of fun crafts. There’s a lot more material involved in a sock than there is in a stocking. Sure, thicker and opaque styles you can turn into arm warmers (like at the end of this DIY post), but what about those classically styled, sheer “nylons”? Dreamer Zaf gave some good tips for dealing with holes recently on the Tumblr, but what about when there's just no saving them?

Well, conveniently I collect household hint books, and even more conveniently, I’ve got one from the 1960s (reprinted in the 1970s), back when nylon stockings were a staple. Heloise’s Housekeeping Hints is pretty much my favourite household hint resource and between this old version and later versions (she's even on the web, now!), there are lots of ways to get some last use out of snagged nylons. They’re not that craft-oriented, but they are crafty (as in sneaky and smart!). For all of these tips, use clean nylons and cut off any lace tops (especially if they have silicone grip strips inside).



Lotsa tips after the jump!

Because they’re light and not very textured, nylon stockings can be fantastic gentle scrubbers. Just ball ‘em up and have at whatever needs to be cleaned or dusted with a more careful touch.



They’re also so gentle that thin strips are perfect to tie back plants to stakes or to anchor climbing vines. I would have a picture here, but I don’t grow things (it’s for the best).


Maybe you already know the newspaper trick for washing mirrors (WAY less lint than paper towels!), but nylons work just as well. And even less lint!



Okay, you KNOW you dropped something back there, under the very heavy thing. Just rubber-band a sheer stocking over the open end of your vacuum cleaner hose and try fishing for it. The stocking is open enough that the vacuum still suctions, but isn’t so open that the vacuum eats whatever you were trying to find.



That porousness is great for making bath sachets too. Throw some powdered milk, baking soda, oatmeal and lavender in there (it's easiest if you stretch the stocking over a cup), tie it off and hang it below the tap in your tub. Nothing gross floating in the bath, but all the benefit of fancy bath times!



And here is a truly crafty crafting option! Craftgrrl has a Cheap Screenprinting Tutorial! Easy and quick screen printing. Just some nylons, non-water based glue and an embroidery hoop.


There's a lot you can do with socks, too, but whew, I think they'll need a whole post of their own! Do you have any tips for reusing old nylons?