I know a lot of folks born in February. In fact, I think three (!) Dreamers have had birthdays already this month. February’s symbols aren’t hearts, cupids and lace though, they’re the very stately and fabulous Amethyst, Viola and Aquarius.

Amethyst is a super fascinating stone, used for protection in battle, as a ward against drunkenness and for intaglio carving, its soft purple hue lends a calm beauty to goblets, amulets and jewellery. Found in a range of purple (one of the definitions of Amethyst is “purple” qualified by “any purple”), some of amethyst’s more common shades are rose, mauve and lavender.

Wrinkle Press Knee High
Check Pattern Footies
Harajuku Scrunchy Socks


The most valuable amethyst, however, is deep purple, with tinges of violet. I think what we and our suppliers tend to call “plum” is a good match.


Super Ms
Soft & Dreamy Knee Highs
Boy’s Socks


Because people have always loved to coordinate, violets (more properly, “violas”) are February’s flower. Tiny and purple with a distinctive five-petal shape; their larger, hybrid form is called a “pansy.”


Polonova Flower Trouser Socks
Bunch of Pansies Over the Knee
Tibetan Flower Crews


February’s dominant constellation is Aquarius, the water bearer. Symbolised by layered waves, it’s also part of a song title I bet you’re trying not to get stuck in your head. I think Nouvella’s Space Ocean colourway is kind of a perfect match—and the wee baby sock version way more fun (and cozy!) for little folks born this month than rocks and flowers.


Dreamer Jacquard Ripple OTK
Space Dyed Terry Baby Booties
Dreamer Diamond Wave OTK


So far February hasn’t tricked me with a sneaky nice day that pretends spring is around the corner, but we’re only about at the halfway mark of this short little month. There is plenty of time for one surprisingly warm day to make me think I don’t have to work so hard to stay cozy.