The International Day of The Sock is a day for rocking your favourite socks (even more than usual)! The socks we want to rock this time around are the ones made right here in the USA. Our collection of American made styles is full of fantastic delights from two dozen suppliers.

Our two house brands, DreaM Stockings and Dreamer Socks are made for us right here in the States, out of recycled and regenerated fibers. They’ve got some beautiful basics,


O Woolies
Extraordinary Thigh Highs
OTK Tubes


And of course, pretty patterns.


Jacquard Flowering Vine OTK
Fast Lane OTK
Bamboo OTK


But far more than our fabulous house brands are made in the USA. Why, did you know that from B.Ella we offer over forty USA-made styles? Only about a third of their styles we carry are made in Italy and the rest of these gorgeous, luxury offerings are home-grown.


Adie Pima Cotton Ghost Footies
Nicolo Rugby Stripe Midcalf
Liza Polka Dot Knee Socks


And ALL of the Gumball Poodle styles are made in the USA. Stretchy and sassy, we even offer two styles that name-check the Pacific Northwest and one that honours our local Roller Derby team!


Seattle Knee Highs
Portland Knee Highs
I Love RCR Knee Highs


Speaking of local, Una arm warmers are made up in Seattle, Washington—and Polonova styles are made right here in Portland, Oregon!


Geoweb Arm Cozies
Polonova Floral Lace Trouser Socks
Polonova Longer Velvet Wrist Warmers


There are so many more made in the USA offerings! Just join me after the jump for a quick list (and links and Advanced Searches for) of USA-made styles.

Here’s a quick reference list of the brands we currently carry who make their products in the USA. I’ve given each one a little line of description and the brand name links to an Advanced Search set up to show you just the styles made in the USA by that brand.


Remember, not all the styles offered by some of these brands are made in the USA. To make sure you’re looking at American-made styles, choose “Made in the USA” from the Category search options.


Ashi Dashi: Playful patterns from food to faux bois.

B.ella: Italian luxury, specialising in wool.

Dahlgren: Probably the most comfortable sock you’ll try, they’re the ultimate in sport socks.

Dream Stockings: One of our wonderful house brands!

Dreamer Socks: Another of our fabulous house brands!

EG Smith: Cozy cottons and the maker of the classic boot sock.

Element Emporium: Anatomically accurate bones and muscles screen printed onto cozy tube socks.

Gumball Poodle: Let your socks do the talking with these wonderfully wordy styles.

Hosiery Mate: Specially designed detergent to keep your dainties lasting longer.

It Stays!: Sock glue!

Look From London: Cozy leggings.

Love Lite Precision Tie Dye: Our house brand styles hand-tie dyed just for us!

Nouvella: Simple and sporty basics, with some space dye thrown in.

Polonova: Hand-silk screened patterns in luxe colourways.

QT Feet: Fantastic fairisle styles in recycled cotton.

Rago: Gorgeous garter belts.

Raygun Robyn: Exclusive tentacle patterned socks!

RocknSocks: Fun stripes in OTK and crew.

Snappy Garters: Lovingly hand-made sock garters.

Sock Dreams: You’ll find our exclusive garter styles here, along with our Dreamer-made t-shirts!

Sweet Marcel: Pretty patterned knee highs.

Texture Clothing: High quality hand warmers made in small batches.

Therafirm: Preggers maternity support tights.

Una: Hand crafted arm cozies in organic cotton and alternative fibers.



How are you rocking International Day of The Sock? Hey internationals, are you rocking USA-made styles today?