We’re almost through the first month of the year! And I thought February was supposed to be the short month. But January is always full and busy as we sort out what we’re doing over the next year. In the sock world, that means saying goodbye to some styles to make room for new favourites. You might have seen Jess' post in Latest News about a bunch of Leg Avenue we'll be seeing the last of, but I thought it might be good to show you more ways to work the Zap! category. And it's kind of fun to be able to look back on posts like this (like this one from 2010) and see styles we've forgotten about, like a sad time machine.

If you’re not familiar with our Zap! category, it’s sort of like a train station platform where we can wave goodbye to styles as they go away. This time of year our Zap! category swells as we find out what styles are being discontinued, what newer or better styles are coming out in the spring and just from general housecleaning. At this moment there are over 100 styles in Zap! I feel like I should add an extra exclamation mark, since the category name already has one. Heck, let’s do three!!!


But because we’re saying goodbye to these socks means you get to say hello. So here are a few styles that you might want to grab a pair of before they’re gone for good. Now, I’m trying to pick styles there are still plenty of, but be aware that some might be gone before you get there!

Almost a quarter of the styles in Zap! are knee highs, and a lot are super fun. I think almost every closet needs one pair of knee highs that make you smile or feel fancy.


Sock It To Me Bunny Stripes
Five Toed Sheer Knee Highs
Faux High Top Knee High


Moving on up the leg, here are some over the knee and higher treats that we won’t have around much longer.


Marbled Scrunchy Socks
Acrylic Striped Thigh Highs
Asel Over the Knee


Some favourite tights are going away and I know several Dreamers have stocked up on their favourite pairs!


Kalana Wool Crochet Tights
Eyelash Web Tights
Wool Cable Stripe Tights


Of course, there is a sweet silver lining to styles going away and that’s when they go on sale! There are a lot of luscious choices with marked down prices that mean you get a pair before they disappear and feel smart for waiting because now you’re paying less.


Shadow Brocade Over the Knees
Fifi Marled Ghost Anklets
Polonova Vines Trouser Socks


There are a lot of reasons (most of them being whether or not we can still get a style) that a sock might go away and as sad as it is, it does mean that we’re busy picking out new things to take its place. So dig into the Zap! category or use our advanced search to pick through all these styles that are just waiting for a home—you’re helping us make room for some new favourite styles.